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Max Yakin Bozek

Designer and multidisciplinary artist. Teacher and researcher in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU / UBA) for seven years, and teacher in his own laboratory -called Krauthaus- in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Boedo.


As a Designer he has specialized in the development of Integral Graphic Systems and Institutional Image Programs. With a track record of over 15 years, he has been Art Director, Project Manager and has participated in corporate identity and visual communication for clients such as Puma, Adidas, Mtv, Nickelodeon, Canal Encuentro, City Channel, Editorial El Ateneo, Konex Foundation, Space, AOL, etc.

In 2010, beacame involved in the new developements in socio-cultural applications of the design method, and studied Design Thinking, Behavior Design, and Human-Centered Design. Since then he has been working independently and residing in Brazil, Argentina and England. He is now focused on consulting in Visual Communication and the production of cultural projects where art, design, music and poetry are directly and transversally interrelated in search of a New discipline.


As for its artistic production, it is also characterized by this constant search for post-generic expansion and for its commitment to transdisciplinary experimentation. —"I never stopped drawing, writing or making songs for the sake of art; Beyond work, I try to make life a total poetic experience, and Design (as a structure of thought) is my strategy."

Following this ambitious extensive multiplicity, we find in Yakin Bozek's work not only the enriching dialogue of ideas from the world of the plastic arts, literature, and the design of image and sound; But also a new language that still has no name but too many foundations to break through the old categories that can no longer cover it.

From a naive formalistic criticism, the prejudice of the mere transpolation of preexisting concepts could be attributed to the acadganic hybridization, but it turns out that the most remarkable symbolic value in its particular way of thinking is not the formal diversity that comes from the mixture itself, But just the opposite:

In the commitment of the artist as an author, he corners up his basal argument by pointing to it from innumerable perspectives (and dissimilar techniques) in order to disintegrate it and thus reach its true nucleus more precisely. And in the sharpness of his gaze to communicate that behind the refractory appearance and multifaceted complexity, there is such a powerful concept that underlies each form while it is the container of all of them.

In this unveiling (or passage from the hard signifier to the interpretation of its meaning), it is here that the state of pure essence that transcends the materialistic character of art emerges as a guiding idea in a unique body of work, While inexhaustible and heterogeneous.


[+] His work has participated in numerous exhibitions and exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. In Argentina, we highlight: MALBA Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires, R. Rojas Cultural Center, Gral San Martín Cultural Center, Konex Cultural City, Recoleta Cultural Center, CMD Metropolitan Design Center, MAMBA (Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires ), Cultural City Ñ, ArteBA, Tecnopolis, Crimson Gallery, Yellow Sonority Gallery, El Mirador Gallery of Art, Museum of Modern Art (CBA), City of Arts (CBA), CEC Contemporary Expressions Center Latin American Art, etc.

[+] He has given seminars and conferences in academic institutions of degree such as FADU / UBA (University of Buenos Aires), UP (University of Palermo), UADE, and has been invited lecturer in the most important art and design congresses in Latin America Trimarchi TMDG, Pecha Kucha, PVT (Pixelations Visual Tour), SAC (Contemporary Art Week), EnRed, The Creative Scream, The Bud, Limit Point, etc.
[+] His work has been recognized on several occasions with national and international awards (Bridgestone Young Art Biennale, Lucky Strike Photography Prize, Argentine Art Biennial, Poster Contest for Memory and Identity, IncuBA, Metropolitan Design Center , 1st Prize of Photography Foundation El Mirador, BDD Selected Artist in residence, Music Contest of the City of Buenos Aires and EMBA, etc. Having published their works in specialized magazines and art and design publishing houses such as DGV Gestalten (Germany) MilkPop (USA), La Marca Editora (Argentina), Yearbook of the Faculty of Architecture and Design (UBA), etc. It has also been published by the Secretary of Culture of the Nation in the book "100 Milestones of the Argentine Design" in commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Republic.

At the moment it has published as an author 3 own books of poetry, photography and illustration; Some articles and essays on art / design; And a handful of independently edited experimental discs.

To see the detailed log and the complete history of samples, awards, and publications, click here ——> yakinbozek_cv

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